Friday, August 03, 2012

I Love my GIRLFRIEND (07-05-2012)

Have you already committed or not? Committed to a girl that she never felt the same way what you felt for her. Love is very important to us. Nothing is great more than a true love in this world. But I don’t know what's happening here with the name of love. I’m a man who wants and need to feel your love. But still I can’t feel it for you. We are now in the day I received your YES for me. July 05, 2012, a very special day for me (I don’t know if it is special also for you) Do you remember it by posting in your facebook wall? And to confirm, I called you and you say yes, it is, the time I want to hear. I’m happy that day; it is like a yahoo messenger logo if you can see my big smile (I’m just kidding). With in 1 month, I felt a curious relationship we have. Curious in everyday I’m lonesome I probing why I have you as my girlfriend if our feeling is not mutual. Even you say no, I’ve already felt this. Why you do this to me? I do not know if I have done wrong to you. I thought I made my rule as your boyfriend, but you, as my girlfriend, you cant. If you love me, make some effort also. I wrote this because I want you to realize all you’ve done. I’m sure my feeling that I love you more than you knew. I know you know that, and don’t take this opportunity to abuse my love for you. I am also a man can feel hurt. I'm not numb for you to hurt me so. Yet, still, I’m your man and yours forever. I’m so sorry if I wrote this, I just want to express my emotion that’s why I made this. Don’t worry, I will continue to love you, know how to endure or stand and forgive people like you.

In this last part of my message, I am hopping that after you read this, may change your life style to love me. The effort I’ll do is the same as the effort I want you to do. I LOVE YOU.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

  Alpha Kappa Gamma

  by: Reynand Dulay Collado