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This is ME,.

Humanitarian, giving nature, selflessness, obligations, creative expression, good person, God fearing, friendly, responsible and ready to face  my future. This is me. Reynand Dulay Collado. The only son of Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Mallari Collado and i have 2 sisters. I've already finish my studies at University of Southern Mindanao as a  Bachelor of Science in Information Systems. My name "Reynand" is came from the name of my parents. They combined their name to give me a perfect name that fits in my self to call me and recognize if who i am. My talents center in humanistic interests and approaches. I like to help others as I was intended to be the big brother type. I operate best when I follow my feelings and sense of compassion, and allow myself to be sensitive to the needs of others. I work well with people, and have the potential to inspire. Creative ability and imagination of the highest order are present in this expression. It's possible that I did not using or developing all of these capabilities at this time.

If I am able to achieve the potential of my natural expression in this life, I am capable of much human understanding and have a lot to give to others. My personal ambitions are likely to be maintained in a very positive perspective, I never losing sight of an interest in people, and a sympathetic, tolerant, broad-minded and compassionate point of view. I am quite idealistic, and disappointed at the lack of perfection in the world. I have a strong awareness of my own feeling as well as those of others. Friendships, affection, and love are extremely important.

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Sailing Aircraft - Futuristic Luxury Boat that Turns into Airplane

Sailing Aircraft - Futuristic Luxury Boat that Turns into Airplane

Designer Yelken Octuri developed a design of a futuristic sailboat that can transform into a plane.
He named his creation Sailing Aircraft. The boat/airplane can put its wings in horizontal position when it is in plane mode, with the wingspan being 377 meters. But when the vehicle is in the sail mode, it positions its wings vertically (185 meters).
It would be interesting to note that Captain Silvan Mariach was the one who commissioned this futuristic Sailing Aircraft to Aerocoche Company.
Besides being able to sail in the sea and fly above the ground, the vehicle offers luxurious space for four passengers.
According to Octuri the aircraft features a Recchia & Husser engine, 2 propellers in its tail and 2 lateral panels that can flip over horizontally, thus turning into 2 small pontoons. Because of the sliding canopy, the cockpit can become completely open.

Design of the Day: Airborne Metro - Flying Airport Concept

Design of the Day: Airborne Metro - Flying Airport Concept

Airbus A-380 showed that with the increase of a vehicle's size engineers are also increasing its efficiency, making it eco-friendlier. Following this logic in the near future huge aircrafts will be much more efficient.
One of the most daring projects in this field is entitled "Airborne Metro" and it involves the use of a large airship that will play the role of an airport. The craft is so big that other smaller planes will be able to land on it.
The designers of "Airborne Metro" concept say that the aircraft is like an express train in the sky. But apart from the train system we know, the Airborne Metro does not take passengers directly to a certain destination, but serves as a place where smaller vehicles with passengers land and where people can take another plane to get to their final destination.
The huge flying airport is able to carry up to 3,000 passengers. In order to transfer passengers to a plane, the latter would either have to land on the Airborne Metro or make use of a special docking system.
Undoubtedly such a huge aircraft would require a lot of energy to take off and land. In order to make it more efficient, the flying airport would most of the time stay in the sky, being powered by a nuclear reactor of some sort.
It has been estimated that the project lead to an overall fuel saving of up to 40 percent for a 600-mile journey and up to 80 percent for a 6,000-mile trip.

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Trivia About Pin Number

Pin Number

The first PIN number was created in 1967.

When John Shepherd-Barron invented the first cash machine in 1967, he needed a way to protect people so that only the person in control of the checking account would have access to the cash in that account.

He came across the idea of using a Personal Identification Number that would be known by the owner of the account, but not known by anyone else. All he had to do was determine how many digits would be used for the number. He realized he could remember his six digit number assigned to him in the British Army and felt that a six digit number would be secure enough to use for the cash machine. However, his wife had problems remembering numbers with more than four digits. So he decided that with 10,000 possible number combinations that four digits would do the job.

That decision is why today more than 40 years later the four digit PIN is a standard around the world.

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Fastest man-made thing on Earth

The Fastest man-made thing on Earth is the X-43 (Unmanned Aircraft). It can achieve a speed of Mach 9.8 or 7,460 mph
The X-15 is the fastest manned aircraft in the world which can reach Mach 6.72 or 5,115 mph.

light is now known to travel at 299,792,458 metres per second (light particles called photons)

The circumference of the Earth at the equator is 25,000 miles. The Earth rotates in about 24 hours. Therefore, if you were to hang above the surface of the Earth at the equator without moving, you would see 25,000 miles pass by in 24 hours, at a speed of 25000/24 or just over 1000 miles per hour.

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How to Be Emo?

How to Be Emo

the freedom to be you, be unique, be different. It's who you are.
the freedom to be you, be unique, be different. It's who you are.
Have you recently felt depressed? Alone? Isolated? Lost? Abandoned? by your family and friends? Misunderstood by the world? If you have, and like to express your feelings and emotions through poetry and music, chances are you're what today's society considers "emo".


  1. 1
    Understand what Emo is. Emo has many meanings. The correct definition is that emo is a music genre (short for emotive hardcore), a sub genre of hardcore punk. Still, others consider it's only a brief way to call someone emotional, although they are not correct. Also 'emo' is fashion, a way of dressing and expressing yourself through clothes and make up. Being emo is about being you. If you copy other emos, it's not the real you. It makes you look like a fake or a 'poser'. You have to understand that you don't have to do anything in particular to be emo. Still, there are those who believe emo is a lifestyle and choose to live their lives the emo way. Some emo's believe there are rules to being emo. The correct term for what is generally regarded as "emo" is scene (despite the darker colors and the common lack of extreme cheerfulness). For the sake of simplicity, however, we will use the term "emo".
  2. 2
    Appreciate Emo music. Emo is a rock music genre. In recent times, many pop-punk bands have been incorrectly classified as emo or emotive hardcore. Listen to a lot of emo bands, and maybe even consider picking up an instrument, such as a bass or guitar. You could also try to play the violin, and if you invest enough time into it, emo songs on the violin sound incredibly amazing. The drums can also be a very good instrument. You can even write poetry and turn them into songs.
  3. 3
    Test yourself. Try listening to emo music. If you end up liking this type of music, and come out wanting to download the songs after you’re done with the album, you’re probably a true emo. Getting inner emo is all a matter of finding out if you have it or not. Examples of emo include Yage, Amanda Woodward, Rites of Spring, Embrace, I Hate Myself, Indian Summer, Belle Epoque, Antioch Arrow, and Twelve Hour Turn. Emo is not mainstream; you will not hear any emo bands on the radio or at Warped Tour. Bands that have devoted their sound to hand-muted guitars and emotional lyrics are bands like Silverstein, Hawthorne Heights, Funeral for a Friend, Alesana, Escape the Fate and When Sparks Fly.
  4. 4
    Dress Emo.
     Dress Emo.
    Dress Emo. After you have discovered your inner emo, try shopping for a new wardrobe. Emo fashion has roots in both punk and goth. Wear tight jeans, tight shirts with emo band logos on them, studded belts, and an old, black and worn down pair of sneakers. Girls can wear black or red skirts with striped socks or leggings. Plaid skirts with chains are also a staple in the emo fashion. Leg warmers are acceptable as well. For accessories, buy black rubber bracelets or studded bracelets and any emo-looking necklaces, such as ones with grenades or broken hearts on them. Thick, black-rimmed glasses are not uncommon for emo guys or girls. Also, stripes and checkers are big in the emo culture. Take an example from others emo's you see around as inspiration, but do not copy, just do your own thing. There's always more emo points in thrift shop buys, also.
  5. 5
    Get an Emo hairstyle.
     Get an Emo hairstyle.
    Get an Emo hairstyle. Dye it black or brown with perhaps some blonde or unnatural color streaks, especially in the bangs. If you are a girl, you may possibly want to cut your hair to a very short bob-like hairstyle but keep your bangs long, swept drastically to one side and covering your eye. Or, for those who like long hair, get many choppy layers and highlights. For a guy, you may want to spike up the back side, and pat down the front side. You could also get your bangs/fringe dyed a lighter color than the rest of your hair. Remember, you should always straighten your hair with a flat iron and use lots of hairspray.
  6. 6
    Get the attitude. A lot of times, emo is associated with being bitter, depressed, insecure and resentful. But at it's core, you can be emo because you're sensitive, introspective,thoughtful, and quiet. Don't ever be loud or in anyone's face; focus on your own emotional life.
  7. 7
    Remember Emo's are people too! Don't be all glum if everyone makes fun of you! Remember you are still a person.

  • Read blog sites like MLIA and FML.
  • You can paint your nails black, even if you're a guy.
  • When applying eyeliner, do not be afraid to apply to the inside of the lids and under the bottom lashline.
  • When shopping for emo clothing, be sure to check stores like Hot Topic, Vans, and Spencers (for accessories). You will be able to find most of what you're looking for there.
  • Remember, that you can wear other colors than black. Though black is a very popular color among emos, you don't want to wear too much or people might mistake you for "gothic". Red and purple are other good choices.
  • Do not try too hard to be emo, or others will see you as a poser.
  • If someone asks you if you are emo, simply shrug your shoulders or deny it. If they asked you, chances are, their opinions are already made and then your approval isn't going to change it much.
  • Remember, if you are going to wear a band t-shirt, it should be an EMO band. Bands like Green Day, Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy, etc. will make you look like a poser. They are not emo bands.
  • Look up My Chemical Romance (pre-killjoy), Skillet, Evanescence, and Flyleaf on to learn some "Emo" music
  • Don't try too hard - let it come naturally.
  • You can get your ears pierced more than once. This gives you an emo look. You can even go for a facial piercing.
  • Become emo slowly. Gradually build on the makeup. Start soft and then get heavier. Same with the clothes.


  • Emo is absolutely NOT cutting yourself. To be emo you do not have to, and shouldn't cut yourself. It will not make you emo. It will hurt you and make you hide yourself, and that isn't a good way to live. If you feel you need to hurt yourself to stop hurting inside, talk to someone you trust, and know will not judge you.
  • You may be subjected to negative criticisms by your non-emo friends and possibly the majority of society, so just ignore them.
  • Don't cut yourself or harm yourself in any other way. Self-injury is very serious and not something to be played around with.
  • Don't become emo unless it's your true self. Being emo is a way of life, and should not be done to prove to your friends that you can be hardcore.
  • When you are emo in middle school or high school, it is very, very hard to live through it because you get picked on all the time, but if you are truly emo, you should be able to handle it.

Things You'll Need

  • Dark colored skinny jeans (black, dark blue, and red are acceptable)
  • Band/graphic tee shirts
  • Black hoodie
  • Converse/Vans sneakers
  • Studded belts (preferably black and white)
  • Black tote bag/messenger bag (with or without pins)
  • Accessories (facial piercings included)
  • Eyeliner (boys and girls)
  • Wrist bands
  • Emo music on your iPod/MP3 player
  • Lots of black with neon clothing
  • Black Nail Polish
  • Really cool hair

How come tears come out of our eyes when we cry?

How come tears come out of our eyes when we cry?
What is amnesia?
Tears flow from our eyes when we cry because they contain chemicals and hormones produced by our bodies.
When we become upset, our brains and bodies overreact and work overtime by producing chemicals and hormones.
Crying helps eliminate these extra chemicals that we don't need.
The chemicals and hormones disappear from our body through the form of tears. As our tears flow, they sooth our sadness or distress by withdrawing these chemical agents.
That is why many people feel calmer or more refreshed after crying--because the tears get rid of these hormones that are produced when we are sad, happy, or distressed.

Latest Invention: Bicycle that Plays Music as You Pedal

Latest Invention: Bicycle that Plays Music as You Pedal

It is always fun to ride and bicycle while listening to favorite music. Having this in mind a team of Dutch engineers and designers came up with an interesting concept. They created a bicycle that plays music while you drive it.
The invention is called Feats Per Minute (the name comes from the Dutch word "fiets", which meansbicycle, and "beats per minute", unit usually used to estimate the tempo in music.) and it is equipped with several wheel-mounted turntables. By spinning while the rider pedals, these turntables play music from a record that the user has attached to them.
The group is composed of Merel Sloother, Liat Azulay and Pieter Frank de Jong. The trio always looked forward to mixing their skills in graphics, illustration and industrial design and the record playing bike is the outcome of their work.
The project started with an old Alpina bike, which the team upgraded using different parts collected from dissected vertical record players. One of the goals was to maintain the design as low-tech as possible, with the only additional feature being a 9 volt battery that is used to power the amplifier.
The turntables on the bike play the music in accordance with the speed of pedaling. Thus if a user wants to listen to a ballad then the speed should be low (about 60 beats per minute) and if they enjoy dance music, the speed should rang between 170 and 300 BPM.

Latest Invention: Pavegen Tiles Produce Power from Footsteps

Latest Invention: Pavegen Tiles Produce Power from Footsteps

Pavegen tiles, invented by Laurence Kembell-Cook, who also happens to be the director of Pavegen Systems, represent an eco-friendly way of delivering energy. The tiles generate power by making use ofkinetic energy which they harness on city streets.
In huge megapolises such invention would be highly appreciated and with no doubt people would welcome it as a low carbon creation.
The Pavenger tiles were designed for high foot-traffic regions, being able to produce electricity from pedestrians' footsteps and use it to power street lamps, speakers, signs and advertisements. The collected energy can also be stored in a lithium polymer battery for further use.
It is worth mentioning that the tiles, which are made of almost 100% recycled materials, produce 2.1 watts of electricity each hour, which is enough to light up the pedestrian crossings. They are also durable able to resist severe weather conditions. Besides, according to the company, its tiles boast a life of about 20 million footsteps, which is approximately 5 years.
At the moment these tiles are being tested in East London, where the company agreed with one of the schools to install its invention and power the building.
For the London 2012 Olympics Site, Pavegen Systems will mount its power-generating tiles in the crossing between the Olympic stadium and the Westfield Stratford City Shopping Center.

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Abduction (2011 film)

Abduction is an American Teen action thriller film, directed by John Singleton, starring Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins,Sigourney Weaver, Maria Bello, Jason Isaacs, Michael Nyqvist, Alfred Molina, and Dermot Mulroney. The film is about a teenager who finds out that his parents are not really his when he sees his baby picture on a missing people website. The film was released by Lionsgate on September 23, 2011.


Nathan Harper (Taylor Lautner) is a teenager who lives with his parents, Kevin (Jason Isaacs) and Mara (Maria Bello). He has a recurring nightmare, and consults a psychiatrist, Dr. Geraldine Bennett (Sigourney Weaver) to discover why.

One day, Nathan is partnered with his neighbor and longtime crush Karen Murphy (Lily Collins) on a school assignment about missing children. Karen finds a website that shows how the children would look like as adults, and Nathan discovers that a young boy named Steven Price would look exactly like him, when Price got older. Searching in his basement, he finds the same shirt that Steven is wearing in the picture and realizes that he and Steven are the same person.

Nathan calls the website's owner, unaware that he is a Russian terrorist. The man reports back to his commander, Viktor Kozlow (Michael Nyqvist), who deploys two agents to Nathan's house. They attack Nathan's parents, who tell him to run before being murdered and the house is destroyed. Nathan and Karen escape and attempt to call the police, but the call is intercepted by CIA operative Frank Burton (Alfred Molina), who tells Nathan that he's in danger and sends a team to pick him up.

Before the team arrives, Dr. Bennett appears and tells Nathan that Burton can't be trusted. She reveals that Nathan's biological father, Martin, is a CIA agent who stole a list from Kozlow with the names of corrupt CIA operatives and that Kozlow created the website in order to locate Nathan and use him as leverage to force Martin to return the list. Kozlow's men appear, having intercepted Nathan's call. Bennett tells Nathan to run away and head for a safe house in Arlington, Virginia. Karen decides to go with Nathan. Before they leave, Bennett tells him he can only trust his father and a man called Paul Rasen, and blows up her car to facilitate both their escape and her own.

Nathan and Karen arrive at the safe house, where Nathan finds Martin's cellphone as well as an address and photo of his biological mother, Lorna Price. They discover that she is dead. Nathan visits her grave and notices fresh flowers, so Karen asks the caretaker about recent visitors. He reveals that the last visitor was Paul Rasen from Nebraska.

Nathan and Karen head to Nebraska on a train; Kozlow's right-hand man follows them. When Karen leaves to get food, he kidnaps her and attempts to capture Nathan, but Nathan overpowers him and throws him off the train. Karen escapes and reunites with Nathan. They leave when the train stops in response to Kozlow's agent's death. Nathan takes Kozlow's agent's phone during the fight.

Burton and his men find and convince the two that they want to help. They stop at a diner, where Burton tells Nathan about the list. Nathan checks Martin's phone and finds the list, which contains Burton's name. Before Burton can react, Kozlow's men attack the diner and kill several of Burton's men. Nathan and Karen escape while Burton and his partner kill Kozlow's men.

Kozlow's right-hand man's cellphone rings and Nathan answers it. Kozlow reveals that he has planned to kidnap Karen's parents and will kill them if Nathan doesn't give him the list. Nathan agrees, but says that he'll choose the place of the exchange. Kozlow agrees. Nathan realizes that his nightmares are due to repressed memories of Lorna being murdered by Kozlow while trying to protect him.

Nathan decides to give Kozlow the list at a Pirates baseball game, and reveals to Karen that he actually intends to kill Kozlow. Nathan receives a call from Martin (who is also at the stadium) who tells him not to give Kazlow the list. Nathan ignores his advice, and tries to shoot Kozlow, who steals the gun and tries to force Nathan to give him the list. Burton's men, stationed all over the stadium, open fire as Nathan escapes, with Kozlow in pursuit.

Martin calls Nathan and tells him to lure Kozlow to an open area. Nathan does so, and, as Kozlow prepares to kill Nathan, Martin (Dermot Mulroney) kills Kozlow with a sniper shot fired from a nearby building. Burton's men appear and capture Nathan. On their way to CIA headquarters, Burton attempts to decrypt Martin's cellphone. However, his superiors reveal that Martin has warned them that Burton would attempt this in order to remove his own name, and Burton is detained.

Martin calls Nathan one last time and apologizes for everything. He says that he'll always be watching over Nathan, who reunites with Karen and Bennett, who tells him that she has arranged for him to live with her until he graduates, at which point he can move out to attend college. Nathan thanks her and leaves with Karen for a date in the empty stadium.


Taylor Lautner as Nathan Harper/Steven Price
Lily Collins as Karen Murphy
Alfred Molina as Frank Burton
Jason Isaacs as Kevin Harper
Maria Bello as Mara Harper
Sigourney Weaver as Dr. Geraldine Bennett
Elisabeth Röhm as Lorna Price
Michael Nyqvist as Viktor Kozlow
Aunjanue Ellis as Francheska
Antonique Smith as Sandra Burns
Dermot Mulroney as Martin Price

Lionsgate bought screenwriter Shawn Christensen's spec script for Abduction in February 2010, with actor Taylor Lautner attached to the film. The studio won a bidding war for the screenplay, acquiring it for $1 million.Gotham Group and Vertigo Entertainment had developed the script, based on a story idea by Gotham's Jeremy Bell.Lionsgate rushed to start filming in July, due to Lautner's schedule to begin work on the last two Twilight films for Summit Entertainment. Writer Jeffrey Nachmanoff was hired to work on the screenplay, and John Singleton signed on to direct in March. Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, Lee Stollman, Roy Lee, and Doug Davison produced the film, and Jeremy Bell and Gabriel Mason executive produced. Lautner's father, Dan Lautner, also produced, the first film from their Tailor Made Entertainment label.FilmingOn a budget of $35 million, principal photography began on July 12, 2010 in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. Lionsgate returned to the region due to tax benefits fromPennsylvania's tax credit program, after filming My Bloody Valentine 3D, Warrior, and The Next Three Days there in 2008 and 2009. An open casting call for extras held at Carnegie Mellon University drew over 900 people in June, many of whom were teenage fans of the Twilight film series.Many of the film's scenes were shot in suburban Mount Lebanon, and some others in Forward Township. Scenes were shot at Hampton High School in Hampton Township, a suburb north of Pittsburgh. The school's name and mascot, the Talbot, appeared in the film, as well as real students, cheerleaders, and the marching band. Production continued in Pittsburgh, Mount Lebanon, Greensburg and Hampton Township, and lasted into September 2010.

Abduction OST

Soundtrack album by various artists
Released September 20, 2011

Track listing
Train – "To Be Loved"
Lenny Kravitz – "Come On Get It"
Raphael Saadiq – "Heart Attack"
Oh Land – "Twist"
Hot Bodies in Motion – "Under My Skin"
Black Stone Cherry – "Blame It On The Boom Boom"
Blaqk Audio – "The Witness"
Cobra Starship – "#1 Nite"
Alexis Jordan – "Good Girl"
Matthew Koma – "Novocaine Lips"
Superstar Shyra – "DJ Love Song"
Donora – "The Chorus"
Andrew Allen – "Loving You Tonight"
Edward Shearmur – "Abduction Suite"


The film was panned by critics. Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reports that 5% of 82 critics have given the film a positive review, with a rating average of 3.1 out of 10. The website's consensus is, "a soulless and incompetent action/thriller that not even a veteran lead actor could save, let alone Taylor Lautner." Metacritic, which assigns a weighted average score out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, gives the film a score of 25 based on 19 reviews.

Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly gave the film a C, commenting that Lautner is "not a terrible actor, but if he wants a career after the Twilight fades, he'll pick better films." Roger Moore of the Chicago Tribune gave the film two out of four stars, saying it "falls in the same corner of the youth market as the Twilight movies. Some moments and many lines feel cribbed from that series." Andrew Barker of Variety called the film "a haggardly slapdash Bourne Identity knockoff, never rising above the level of basic competence."[16] James Berardinelli gave the film one out of four stars, saying, "For those who are indifferent to Lautner or who don't like him, the only way to survive Abduction is under the influence of a controlled substance, and even that may not be enough." Catherine Brown of Filmink also gave the film a scathing review, saying that "Singleton is poorly equipped to handle teenage angst, a fact made far worse by cringe-worthy dialogue and a wooden leading man who proves that he has not yet developed the skills required to carry a film."

                                                                                                                                                 Abduction is an American Teen action thriller film, directed by John Singleton, starring Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins,Sigourney Weaver, Maria Bello, Jason Isaacs, Michael Nyqvist, Alfred Molina, and Dermot Mulroney. The film is about a teenager who finds out that his parents are not really his when he sees his baby picture on a missing people website. The film was released by Lionsgate on September 23, 2011. 

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Top 3 Main Battle Tanks and Fighting Aircrafts of the World's Most Powerful Nations

Top 3 Main Battle Tanks and Fighting Aircrafts of the World's Most Powerful Nations

Most will agree with the fact that currently the three most powerful nations in the world are the United States, Russia and China. Below you will find some of the most powerful tanks and battle aircraftsdeveloped by each of the three nations. This is of course our choice, so it's completely subjective. If you have any information on the topic that you could share, you are welcome and in the meantime you are free to read, compare and express your opinion.


Russian Federation
The T-90S represents one of the most advanced Russian tanks from the T-series. It features an improved firepower, mobility and protection. The tank was built at Uralvagonzavod, factory located in Nizhnyi Tagil, Russia. It is worth mentioning that the T-90S officially entered the service with the Russian armed forces in 1992.
The tank is developed for a crew of 3 people, its combat weight is 46.5 tons and it features a 4-stroke V-84ms diesel engine with 849hp. The fuel capacity of this battle machine is 1,600l. The range is 650km on paved roads and 500km on unpaved. The tank reaches a speed of 65 km/h.
The information provided by the American Foreign Policy Center says that Russia is currently working on upgrading its main battle tank to the new T-95 version. The features of the new generation battle tank are specified below:
  • -Diesel-electric propulsion
  • -125mm gun
  • -360° sensors and ECM and network-capability
  • -pro-active electric reactive armor
  • -Weight: over 55 tons
  • -ceramics-n-fiber armor, which would replace the usual steel armor
  • -virtual reality for the driver and gunner
  • -2 crew members will man the tank
  • -autoloader for 3 different types of ammo.

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Unites States
M1A2 Abrams
This MBT was developed by General Dynamics Land Systems, which produced the first M1 tank back in 1978, followed by the M1A1 tank, developed in 1985 and GDLS in 1986 by the M1A2. The latter is considered one of the best tanks in the world. However, it includes only a 120mm M256 smoothbore gun, which was manufactured by the German company Rheinmetall GmbH.
The tank is developed for a crew of 4 people, including driver, commander, gunner and loader. It weights 69.54 tons and its ground clearance is 430 meters. The tank reaches a speed of 67.72 km/h.

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People's Republic of China
Type 99/ZTZ99
This tank was developed by NORINCO and is currently the most advanced MBT in the People's Liberation Army. It entered the PLA service in 2001. The Chinese made a great improvement in the tank's firepower mobility, and protection. Due to the high unit price (about $1.9 million per tank in 1999) there were only about 200 ZTZ99 made.
The tank features a dual-axis stabilized 125mm/50-calibre ZPT98 smoothbore gun. It also carries Russian anti-tank missiles called 9M119 Refleks. These missiles are fired from a 125mm gun. ZTZ99 reaches a top speed of 80km/h and its weight is about 54 tons.

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Fighting Aircrafts

Russian Federation
Sukhoi Su-37 Terminator

When Su-37 was developed it was instantly shipped to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) air force as a multi-role version of Russia's previous generation Su-35. The aircraft has a number of features that make it different from other air fighters. It can make a preemptive hit at any air target, even those that are hard to spot. Su-37 has a multichannel redundancy and algorithmic security of all data and targeting systems. It can also hit ground targets at standoff range. The aircraft's all stages of flight and combat are automated.

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United States
F-22 Raptor
This is one of the newest fighting aircrafts in the armed forces of the United States. The F-22 represents a fusion of stealth, supercruise, maneuverability, and incorporated avionics. It has an upgraded supportability and thus is a great step in warfighting capabilities. Raptor is a powerful weapon in both air-to-air and air-to-ground combats.
It is one of the main weapons of the Global Strike Task Force. F-22 was developed to stop enemy's battle aircrafts from accessing the Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corps.

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People's Republic of China
J-10 Multirole Fighter Aircraft
The J-10 is also called Jianji-10 or Jian-10. It features one engine and represents an all-weather multi-role battle aircraft. It was designed by Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute and built by theChengdu Aircraft Corporation(CAC). The Chinese started working on the J-10 project back in the 1980s in order to compete with the fighters from the West (F-16) and Soviet Union MiG-29.
After the end of the Cold War the Chinese moved towards creating a multi-role fighter, which would perform beyond-visual-range air-to-air fight and ground attack. China looked forward to create an air power that could show high defensive and offensive potential.
This aircraft represents one of the highest achievements of China in the aviation industry. During the 1990s the J-10 program included lots of new technologies, such as composite materials, computerized flight-control system dubbed "fly-by-wire", improved radar and cockpit electronics, as well as computer-aided design and many more.

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Real Steel Movie

File:Real Steel Poster.jpgReal Steel is a 2011 American science fiction film starring Hugh Jackman and directed by Shawn Levy. The film is based on the 1956 short story "Steel" by Richard Matheson, though Levy placed the film in U.S. state fairs and other "old-fashioned"Americana settings. Real Steel was in development for several years before production began on June 11, 2010. Filming took place primarily in the U.S. state of Michigan. Animatronic robots were built for the film, and motion capture technology was used to depict the brawling of computer-generated robots and animatronics. Real Steel was publicly released in Australia on October 6, 2011 and in the United States and Canada on October 7, 2011 to mixed to positive reviews. It was released in both conventional and IMAX theaters.


In 2020, humans have been replaced by robots in boxing. Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) is a former boxer who attempts to get money in illegal boxing matches between robots to pay his debts to loan sharks. During a fight, Charlie's robot, Ambush, is destroyed by Black Thunder, a bull belonging to Ricky (Kevin Durand). Having made a bet that Ambush would win, Charlie now owes Ricky $20,000, which he doesn't pay before leaving.

Charlie is informed his ex-girlfriend has died, and he has to attend a meeting to decide the fate of his preteen son Max (Dakota Goyo). Max's aunt Debra (Hope Davis) and uncle Marvin (James Rebhorn) want full custody, and Charlie gives it to them in exchange for $100,000 from Marvin, $50,000 of it in advance, on the condition that Charlie takes care of Max for three months, while Marvin and Debra are away on a second honeymoon.

Charlie and Max meet with Charlie's friend Bailey Tallet (Evangeline Lilly), who runs the boxing gym of her deceased father, Charlie's old coach. There, Charlie buys a secondhand WRB league robot, the once-famous Noisy Boy, and arranges for it to fight the illegal circuit's champion, Midas, at a venue belonging to his friend Finn (Anthony Mackie). Partly due to his inexperience with Noisy Boy's combinations, Charlie ends up losing control of Noisy Boy and Midas destroys it.

Charlie breaks into a junkyard with Max to steal scraps that he can use to put a new robot together. There, Max falls over a ledge, where he is saved from doom after being snagged by a lodged and buried robot arm. After Charlie pulls him back up, Max uncovers the entire robot, called Atom. On Max's insistence, Charlie takes it back to Bailey's gym, where they discover Atom is an obsolete Generation-2 sparring bot built in 2014. Atom has been designed to sustain massive damage, but is unable to deal out much damage itself. Max convinces Charlie to get Atom a fight, and upgrades it to take vocal commands using spare parts from Noisy Boy and Ambush.

Charlie and Max take Atom to fight an unsanctioned outdoor match against a robot called Metro, and Atom wins, earning back some of Charlie's money. Atom's string of subsequent wins and high speed humanoid boxing maneuvers which are rarely seen from a robot, attracts the attention of a promoter from the World Robot Boxing league (WRB), who offers Atom a professional fight against a robot called Twin Cities. Charlie accepts, and Atom wins again, thanks to Charlie's knowledge of boxing, which allows him to locate a design flaw in Twin Cities. Taking advantage of Atom's subsequent novelty attention, Max challenges WRB champion Zeus, designed by arrogant genius Tak Mashido (Karl Yune) and sponsored by rich Russian Farra Lemcova (Olga Fonda), who accepts, but first tries to buy the upstart Atom.

As they leave the Twin Cities fight, Charlie is attacked by Ricky and his men, who beat him severely, assault Max and steal their money. Feeling guilty, Charlie returns Max to his aunt and uncle so they can protect him, but Bailey convinces him he can be a better father to Max. Debra allows him one more chance, and Charlie takes Max to the Zeus-Atom match. Zeus severely damages Atom — while also getting injured, a first for Zeus. In addition, by the end of the first round, Ricky ends up being led away by Finn and some of his men to pay up and presumably beat him up (earlier, he bet $100,000 that Atom wouldn't last the first round). In the last round of the five-round match, Atom's vocal receptors are damaged, and Atom must fight in shadow-boxing mode, copying Charlie's moves from the aisle. Zeus, now controlled manually by a very furious Tak Mashido, expends energy on pummeling the defensive Atom. After Zeus runs very low on power, Atom begins to heavily damage Zeus, even knocking the seemingly invincible champion down once, but doesn't win before the round ends, and the judges declare a winner on points. They favor Zeus, but his reputation is tarnished, and Atom has become famous as "The People's Champion".


Hugh Jackman as Charlie Kenton
Dakota Goyo as Max Kenton
Kevin Durand as Ricky
Evangeline Lilly as Bailey Tallet
Hope Davis as Debra
Anthony Mackie as Finn
Olga Fonda as Farra Lemcova
James Rebhorn as Uncle Marvin
Karl Yune as Mashido


Director Levy on set with Jackman in July 2010
Real Steel is directed by Shawn Levy and is based on the 1956 short story "Steel" by Richard Matheson. The film was produced by Touchstone Pictures, DreamWorks, 21 Laps, and Montford/Murphy Productions. The original screenplay was written by Dan Gilroy and was purchased by DreamWorks in 2005 for $850,000, or in 2003 (sources differ). The project was one of 17 that DreamWorks took from Paramount Pictures when they split in 2008. Director Peter Berg expressed interest in the project in mid-2009 but moved on. Levy was attached to the project in September 2009, and Jackman was cast in the starring role in November for a $9 million fee. In the same month, Steven Spielberg and Stacey Snider at DreamWorks greenlit the project. Les Bohem and Jeremy Leven had worked on Gilroy's screenplay, but in 2009, John Gatins was working on a new draft. When Levy joined the project, he worked with Gatins to revise the screenplay.

With Real Steel having a production budget of $110 million, Levy chose to set the film in state fairs and other "old-fashioned" Americana settings that would exude nostalgia and create a warm tone for the film's father-son story. Filming began in June 2010, and ended by October 15, 2010. Locations include areas around Detroit, Michigan, and across the state, including at the Renaissance Center, the Cobo Arena, the Detroit Fire Department headquarters, the Ingham County Courthouse, the former Belle Isle Zoo, and the Highland Park Ford Plant.

Jason Matthews of Legacy Effects, successor to Stan Winston Studios, was hired to turn production designer Tom Meyer's robot designs into practical animatronic props, saying, "We have 26-and-a-half total live-action robots that were made for this film. They all have hydraulic neck controls. Atom has RC [radio-controlled] hands as well.” Star Jackman said executive producer Spielberg "actually said to Shawn, 'You should really have real elements where you can.' ... Basically if they're not walking or fighting, that's a real robot." For scenes when computer-generated robots brawl, "simulcam" motion capture technology, developed for the film Avatar, was used. As Levy described the process, "[Y]ou're not only capturing the fighting of live human fighters, but you're able to take that and see it converted to [CGI] robots on a screen instantaneously. Simulcam puts the robots in the ring in real time, so you are operating your shots to the fight, whereas even three, four years ago, you used to operate to empty frames, just guessing at what stuff was going to look like." Boxing hall-of-famer Sugar Ray Leonard was an adviser for these scenes.